11.24.2020 - Release Notes

New & Improved Reports

Front desk performance tracking just got easier with the new Front Desk Activity Report! Additionally, prepaids are now more included into reporting and have new reporting options, making them easier to track and measure. 

Front Desk Activity Report 

This new report tracks the activities of employees whose goal type is set to Front Desk Operator. The report displays retail sales, gift cards sold, appointments made, and the number of add ons!

  • Reports > Business Analysis Reports > Front Desk Activity

font desk activity

Prepaid Redemptions in Sales By Reports 

Sales By now include prepaid redemptions. By default, all sales including redemptions are displayed. There is a new option under Other Options to select the prepaids you want or do not want to see. 

  • Reports > Sales Reports > Other Options

other preapid options

Prepaids on Reports 

Prepaids now show a cost of zero and a profit of the full paid price. Only on redemptions will the cost of the item display under the cost column.

prepaids reports