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Discount Plans

Learn how to create and apply a discount plan to a client

Discount Plans allow you to set a recurring discount for the clients you designate. To create or edit Discount Plans, hover over Clients on the toolbar, hover over Client Options, then selecting Discount Plans.

Clients > Client Options > Discount Plans

Choose to Add a New Discount plan. Enter the discount plan description and percentage discount for the item types. If you would like the service provider to receive a commission based on the full price of the service even when a Discount Plan is applied, check the Include Discount Value In Commission.

discount listedit discount plan-1

Once created, the discount plan can be applied to client profiles. Select Clients on the toolbar and choose the Client List. Double-click the client you wish to receive the discount. Select the discount plan in the drop-down and save the record.

discount on client


Each time this client is brought to the Sales register, this discount plan will automatically apply to their purchases.