Edit an Item in the Sales Register

Learn how to edit an item during check-out

If you have to make a one-time quick change to a retail item price, sales commission, or add a coupon to a product, you can easily do so from the Sales Register. 🙌

✏️ Editing a Line Item in the Sales Register

You can edit any item on the Invoice either by double clicking on the item in the register, or by clicking the yellow pencil icon.

line item on sales register

edit line item popup

In the Item Details Tab, you can:

Use the loyalty button to apply or adjust Loyalty points for the item.

loyalty point

Use the discount button to apply a discount to this item.

discount item

Select to Return the item.

return inventory

There is a checkbox for "Prepaid Sale" to select a line item to pre-pay for a service. It will appear under the Client's profile in the Prepaid tab.

You can also select if the item is considered "non-taxable".

prepaid sale button

The Cost & Commission Tab

If you would like to add a commission or edit the commission percentage, you can use a commission override, include the discounted value of the item in the commission, and chose whether the override is a flat amount or a percentage of the total item price. 

edit line item cost

The Coupons Tab

Let's say someone came in with a special promo code only offered to those who downloaded your MyDash app. With the Coupon tab, you can apply the coupon to that item.

💡 Helpful Tip: In order to use a coupon, you have to create one first through the Coupon List. Once you do, it will appear in the Coupons dropdown field. 

ticket coupons