Getting Started Checklist

A list to help you know what you need to setup before using Envision

When you first start using the Envision  program, you will want to enter your business-specific information to allow service and product sales. We have created a list of the recommended steps to follow when getting started to make the process as smooth as possible. Use the checklist below to keep on track with entering information! Each step in this list is linked to the applicable section to make your life even easier.

☑️ Company Settings
☑️ Setup Resources & Resource Categories
☑️ Inventory: Department List
☑️ Inventory: Class List
☑️ Inventory: Manufacturer List
☑️ Inventory: Vendor List
☑️ Inventory: Enter Retail Items
☑️ Inventory: Enter Services
☑️ Employee: Setup Security Profiles
☑️ Employee: Setup Commission Plans
☑️ Employee: Setup Employee Goals
☑️ Employee: Add Employees
☑️ Employee: Setup Employee Schedules
☑️ Client: Create Lead Sources
☑️ Client: Setup Loyalty Programs
☑️ Enter Coupons

Once these setup steps are complete, you can start using your Envision program!

The attached guide also provides instruction on setting up Envision!