How do I retrieve my medspa data?

PatientNow Essentials Data Transition Services

PatientNow essentials offers existing clients several options upon the termination of their SaaS agreement to retain their PHI information. Please note, you must export your data before the termination of your contract.

  1. Use the included reports to export the data to CSV format. This option is 100% Free / No Additional Charge and is available on all the reports that Envision offers. Some key reports to export:
    1. Client Name / Address Report
    2. Clients by Birthday
    3. Appointments by Client
    4. Sales by Client
    5. Injections List
    6. Prescriptions List
    7. Treatment List – SOAP Notes
    8. Retail / Service / Employee List
  2. Use the Envision API to export the data using an industry standard REST interface to whatever format you need for your new EHR. This option provides you with access to all the encrypted PHI data inside of PatientNow Essentials via a secure portal.
    1. There is a small 30.00 monthly fee to access the API.
    2. The API is based upon an industry standard REST Interface.
    3. You will be provided with account information / API token to unencrypt the PHI.
    4. You will have raw access to every table inside of PatientNow Essentials.
    5. You must provide your own development resources to export the data to whatever format you need.
  3. If neither of the above 2 options work, then you can engage the Envision Development team at the rate of 200.00 / hour. This fee is dependent on the needs requested and the time it takes a developer to generate the specs / routines to export the data in CSV format. The fee would be charged EACH time a download is requested.
    1. There is a minimum 5-hour bill time for each download.
    2. Total bill time is dependent on the number of files to extracted and the exported data format required.
    3. You MUST provide an exact list of the data you wish exported.
    4. We will provide a quote for the requested work.
    5. Payments for custom development work are not refundable and must be paid in advance via ACH / Check.
    6. We will provide a secure encrypted drop box link to retrieve the data after payment has been received within 15 business days.

Archive Data for Future Review

Additionally, we do offer the option to archive your data for 199.00 / month. If you decide to archive your data, you will be able to access the archived data for as long as you continue to pay the monthly archive fee.

  1. All reports are available.
  2. The archive account allows you to run reports on the data for as long as you keep the archive account active.
  3. All email access on archive accounts is disabled. I.e. you cannot send marketing email / employee emails etc.
  4. All appointment reminders have been disabled on archive accounts.

Canceled Accounts

Canceled accounts can be reactivated 30 days after the final cancelation date. After this time, the account is terminated and all data in the account is erased. If you wish to export your data, you MUST export your PHI information before the termination of your contract.

Policy effective 12/12/2012 - Updated 11/1/2021