How Do I Set Up a Unique Username for each employee to login with?

How to set up a login for each employee

Why Do Envision Users Need a Unique Email Address?

Having a unique username for employees allows for better tracking and auditing within the program. Giving the employee a unique username makes it easier to identify the user in the program while still allowing the user to enter a valid email address in the Email field for notifications, password reminders, etc.

  • Each employee will need to enter a Username which will be used when logging into Envision.
  • Usernames must be in email format and unique to the employee.
employee login subtab

Users are required to log into Envision with the username provided in the username field. An employee may use the same email address in the Email field and the Username field, as long as it is not used by any other Envision user.


How Can I Tell If Employees Are Using the Same Email Address?

There are 2 ways to see staff email addresses in Envision. 

  1. Manage users in the Subscription Management section of Envision

Login to the subscription management side of Envision, then click on Manage users, passwords, security levels.  You can edit user logins directly from that screen.


manage subscription manage account manage users, passwords and security levels
  1. Pull the Employee Name / Address Report

Within Envision, click on Reports > Employee Reports > Employee Name/Address Report.

Review the list and edit the employee records for users with duplicate email addresses.


You want your list to look like this…

Not like this…