Status Icons on the Calendar

A list of the calendar status icons and their meaning

There are different icons that are used in the Appointment Calendar to display information about the appointment.

You can view a list of these icons by right-clicking on an appointment and hovering over Icon Legend.

icon list

Below is a list of the different icons:

no show Client has not checked in (no show)
checked in Client is checked in
begin service This icon will show on the appointment after choosing to "Begin Service".
service completed Service Completed
checked out Client checked out
running late Client running late
appt confirmed Appointment is confirmed via SMS (Text Message) or by employee from confirmation options (⭐can show on Today's Appointments Welcome Screen)
appt confirm phone Appointment is confirmed via phone
voicemail Confirmation type of "Called / Left Voice Mail" is selected.
text messag Appointment confirmation SMS(text message) was sent
appt email confirm Appointment confirmation email was sent
birthday Client has a birthday anytime within a week of their appointment (⭐can show on Today's Appointments Welcome Screen)
booked online Appointment was booked by the client using online booking
standing appt-1 Appointment is a Standing (or repeating) appointment
adtl service Additional services or products  included in appointment
active member Client has an active membership
inactive member Client has past due or inactive membership
doctor sig-1 Service requires a doctor's signature (MedSpa Only)
nurse sig  Service requires a nurse's signature (MedSpa Only)
uncompleted forms Client has not completed the form packs required for their scheduled appointment. (MedSpa & Ink Standard/Ultimate Only)
uncompleted forms Client has On Account credit or balance. (Preferred & Ultimate) 
video appt Telemedicine Appointment (Video Call Appt)
pet has expired vaccine Pet Has Expired Vaccine (Paws Only)
numberAppts Number of Appointments that client has that day