Level Up Dashboards

Information about how to set up and use the Level Up Dashboards.

The Level Up Dashboards are included with Envision Preferred and Ultimate edition under the reports dropdown in dashboards.

SUMMIT SALONS: These dashboards will help you achieve your SUMMIT goals all in one place.

The Level Up Dashboards are a way for Ultimate users to track everyday goal progress in their business. The Employee Level Up Dashboard and the Company Level Up Dashboard offer insight into several different aspects of how employees and the company are performing on their goals on a daily basis. 

Employee Level Up Dashboard

Important Note: You will need to set up your employee goal plan to use this dashboard. 

If an employee goal plan has not been set up you will see this message.

level up employee

Clients Per Day

Counts how many unique days the employee had a sale divided by unique clients since each day. Unique clients are any client seen on a given day, including the same client on different days. 

Average Service Ticket

Shows employee’s average amount per service ticket. This report uses a month-to-date date range.

Average Daily Sales

Includes the Average Daily Retail Sales and the Average Daily Service Sales. The daily sales are calculated by the total sales for the inventory type divided by the total number of days worked.

Prebook Percentage

Shows the percentage of prebooked appointments made on a given day.

Retail Units Per Guest

Shows the amount of retail units sold to a guest.

Service Forecast

Shows the summation of the expected total service price based on what is booked on the calendar. It uses the start of the month to the end of the month for the calculation.

New Guest Percentage

Counts New Clients, Referrals, and New Clients under the “request appointment” type then compares them against the total. This report uses Appointment Types for calculation.

"Win The Day"

Shows the Daily Sales Goal, Daily Retail Units Per Guest, and Daily Prebook Percentage.

Company Level Up Dashboard

level up company

Important Note: Before the Company Level Up Dashboard can begin tracking, goals must be established in the General Options section of Company Settings.

Service Sales

New feature under General Options in Company Settings. We need to make sure to add these new options in the corresponding articles then link that section to this.

Gift Card Sales

Shows overall gift card sales for the company.

Retail Units Per Guest

Shows the goal for how many retail units are sold per guest.

Prebook Percentage

This just uses the regular prebook metric. The goal is under General Options in Company Settings

New Client Percentage

Calculated by adding up the New Client, Referral and Request which are new clients and then comparing it to the total appt types.

Lead Source Snapshot

Lists and counts each lead source.