Membership Billing

How to manage Membership Billing through EnvisionNow

This screen can be used to bill any clients that have a membership. If the membership programs you sell have monthly billing cycles, you will need to use this screen frequently to bill your clients. If your clients' "Next Bill Date" varies, you may need to use this screen every day to process their payment, or you can enable automated billing in your Company Settings.

Manage Membership Billing Screen

To open the Membership Billing screen, hover over Clients on the menu bar, then find the Membership Options tab and click on Membership Billing.

Clients > Membership Options > Membership Billing

The Membership Billing list is your subscription list. You can search by client name, membership program and status. The subscription list also includes the next bill date, last bill date, amount, terms, retries, billed and action date.

membership billing-1

At the top right corner of the Manage Membership Billing page, you will find the Start Billing Cycle button. You can use this to start your membership billing.

start membership

Subscriptions List

When you first open this screen, you will see a listing of all the active membership subscriptions. In this list, you will be able to view all of the details of each client's membership subscription. Select the Status dropdown to toggle between Active, Deactivated, Cancelled, Frozen, Cancel on Date, and Frozen Until subscriptions.

membership status

Membership Programs are available in the Preferred & Ultimate editions of the EnvisionNow program. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or Memberships require credit card integration. 

Credit Card integration is available as an add-on to EnvisionNow. You can update your account on the Account Management Subscription Page. 

Client Billing History Tab

At the bottom of this screen you will be able to view the selected client's billing history under the Client Billing History tab. To select a client, click on top of their membership subscription in the subscription list.

client billing history

Company Billing History Tab

This tab allows you to view all of the membership subscriptions that have been billed, including the initial sale of each membership account. 

company billing history

Right-Click Menu Over Active Membership

The following options will be available if you right-click on top of an active membership subscription.

right click membership

Update Payment Information

Select this option if you would like to update the client's credit card information. Selecting this option will open the Edit Client screen for the selected client. Click on the Update Payment Info tab at the bottom of this screen to edit the client's credit card billing information.

edit payment info

Deactivate Membership

Select this option if you would like to deactivate a client's membership. The Status checkbox will be unchecked after selecting this option and the client will not be able to use their membership or the benefits of their membership.

Cancel Membership

Select this option to terminate the membership and stop future billing for the client. Membership can also be set to cancel in the future. 

cancel membership

Freeze Membership

Select to freeze a membership to stop billing the client. You can also freeze a membership until a future date when they'd like to reactivate. 

freeze membership

Bill Membership

Select this option if you would like to manually bill a client's credit card for the selected membership. This can be used if you would like to bill only one client and not all clients in the subscription list.

Edit Membership

Select this option to update membership information, including the next billing date.

edit membership


Right-Click Menu Over Inactive Membership

Reactivate Membership

Select this option to resume a membership. The billing date will not update until the client has been billed.

Start Billing Cycle Button

When you are ready to start the Billing Cycle for all Clients, click the "Start Billing Cycle" button. This button can be used to process Credit Card Billing.

It is strongly recommended to run the Next Billing Preview Report if you are using credit card processing for membership billing. 

start membership

Parent Account

Parent Accounts are used when you want to affiliate another client's account with a primary account holder to pay for a membership (the Parent Account would be considered the primary). This is most often used for family relationships, such as a parent and child. Parent accounts can also be used for booking a child online.

Parent accounts will only work once you have created their Client/Patient ID.

To add a Parent Account to a new or existing client with a membership, open their Client Record from the Client List screen. In the demographics tab, you will see a dropdown box where you can select the Parent Account you want to charge the client's subsequent memberships to. 

parent account