Moving from Envision Desktop to EnvisionNow

Have questions about moving to EnvisionNow? Get your answers here!



How do I begin the process of moving from Envision Desktop to EnvisionNow? 

With our simple two-step process, you will have an easy transition from Envision desktop to EnvisionNow.

The first step is to complete our pre-conversion conversation with a designated support specialist to help you develop your cloud test account. This will allow you to see the cloud account and play around with the software before you switch over. During this time, you will also have access to training videos.

Once complete, you will have a live conversion to permanently migrate your data into your new cloud account.

What does it cost? 

Pricing will vary depending on the needs of your business and which features you decide on. Depending on your current package with Envision, we can match it to an equivalent EnvisionNow package.

What happens to my current desktop bill? 

As you begin the transition to EnvisionNow, your billing for desktop will be suspended until you have made the complete transition over. Once the Cloud transition is final and you are up and running, you will begin your billing on the Cloud package you chose.

Will all of my data transfer over? 

Our technicians are able to transfer the following data listed below. Please review carefully, anything not specifically stated below cannot be imported:

  • Future Appointments - future appts, future blocked times, attached resources 
  • Clients - name, address, phone number, email , birthday, anniversary, notes, first and last visit, client type, lead source, formulas, loyalty program/points 12 months of sales history
  • Services- Name, description, service price levels, service time, departments
  • Vendors & Manufacturers- name, contact info
  • Retail- Name, description, retail price, unit cost, barcodes, qty on hand, qty on order, reorder at/ restock, vendors, manufacturers
  • Prepaid Items - Package price, package total, count used, expiration date
  • Employees- Name, address ,phone number, email, start date, birthday, department, qualified services, work schedules
  • Active Gift Cards- Numbers, sold/start/expiration date, purchased by/for, original/remaining/used amounts (*zero balance & expired GC’s are not eligible for import*)
  • Memberships- Program name, description, loyalty program, subscription amount, initial deposit, billing cycle, billing options, terms, initial billing

Do I have to pay for support on the cloud subscription? 

No, you will have access to unlimited support and can reach out any time for questions or assistance. 

Do I need to download or install anything for EnvisionNow? 

No. Since the software is cloud based, you can access it from any web-enabled device. No backups or updates necessary. 

What kind of device is needed with EnvisionNow? 

You are able to access EnvisionNow on any device that has Internet compatibility. This includes, but not limited to: Android devices, iPhones, laptops, desktop computers, iPads and other tablets.

What if my Internet goes down?

EnvisionNow has a 99.9% uptime so the chances of any interferences occurring is very rare. Though in the event of a brief unexpected outage, you are able to use EnvisionNow with a hotspot or any cellular data.  You can also track EnvisionNow’s status by visiting 

What features are included with the subscription? 

Features depend on the subscription that you choose. All subscriptions will include:

Schedule & Sales management, Employee App, Online Booking, Reports, Marketing, Appt Confirmations, SMS, and unlimited Support. For more information on additional features, you can contact your business consultant.