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Patient Portal

How to activate, access, and login to the Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is included in all editions of AestheticNow.

Fully compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act, the Patient Portal is a way for your patients to access all of their personal medical history recorded within AestheticNow such as:

💊 Medications 🏥 Conditions 📝 Prescriptions 💉 Shots 🩺 Treatment Notes
👃 Allergies 👀 Vitals 🥼 Procedures 💥 Imaging  🗒️ Other Notes

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Setup Patient Portal

Access Patient Portal

Patient Login

How Patients Update their Info

🕵️ How to Setup the Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is an add-on service that you can activate through your settings. 

First, hover over Menu in the upper right hand corner of AestheticNow, and click on Manage Account.

Menu > Manage Account

manage account

When you get to the Subscription Manager, click Sign up for add on services under Additional Services.

sign up for add on services

Scroll down to find Online Patient Portal, and click Add to Subscription and read and accept the terms.

patient portal add to subscriptionOnce you subscribe, the owner will receive an email confirming the subscription.

👥 Patient Portal Access

Once you've setup your Patient Portal add-on you can find your Patient Portal in your Online Booking/ Customer Portal website located in your Company Settings > Online booking > General Options:

online booking link

👥 Patient Portal Login for Patients

Once you've setup your Patient Portal add-on, your patients can access their medical information by clicking on Medical History and logging in from the Online Booking/ Customer Portal website. 

patient portal log in-1

The next screen will ask the patient to verify a 6-digit code sent to the email address used to log in.

wlecome to patient portal

💡 Helpful Tip: A different 6-digit code will be sent to the patients email every time they log into the Patient Portal for security purposes. 

If a patient's password is insecure, they will have to change their password. Additionally they can reset their password with a link to the account's email.

reset password patient porta

After they enter the code, they will have full access to their Patient information such as previous medical procedures, prescribed medications and all other Record Types in your Treatment Screen like:

patient portal records

Update Patient Details

They can also update their information from the patient portal by clicking on the Update My Details button:

update details on patient portal