1. Inventory

Physical Count

How to edit your item inventory from your Physical Count screen

This screen can be used when you do a physical count of your products. It provides a fast way to update the count of products in the program.

To enter the Physical Count screen, hover over Inventory in the Tool Bar and select Physical Count from the drop-down menu.

Inventory > Physical Count 

To order the items you may click on the title of the columns or filter them using the input fields at the top of each column.

physical count


The first column displays the information you need to identify the product. This is the Item ID.

On Hand

This column displays the current quantity on hand. The On Hand count is adjusted when you check in Inventory (using the Receiving Inventory screen) and when you sell these products at the Sales Register.

Actual Qty

Enter the physical number of the item that you physically count. Once you click Save, the system will automatically update the quantity on hand amount along with a prompt that the record has been saved. 

Use Barcode

Select this option to be able to look up items by the barcode for on-hand entry.

Choose a Department / Class / Manufacturer / Vendor

Select a group of items to view and enter amounts for. You may select from one selection box, or more than one selection box to further narrow your results.