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Pole Display

What is pole display and how to add one

Pole displays allow you to turn a browser into a display. The browser may be a tablet, an extra computer, or a secondary monitor. You may create pole display devices in this screen. Once entered, the displays may be selected in the sales register to show information about the sale to the client.

Company Settings > Sales Register Options > Pole Display

sales register poly display 

Steps to Add Pole Displays

  1. Select to use a pole display by checking the box.

  2. Choose to add new pole displays and enter information for the display into the box that will open.

  3. If the pole display is a tablet that the client can access, select the Use Secure Mode option. This will prevent the pole display from accessing other pages within Envision. Do not use the secure mode if you are using a second monitor as the pole display.

  4. Choose to Save.

  5. Click Save Settings.

If you have a single pole display, it will be automatically selected in the sales register. If more than one pole display is created, you will be prompted at the sales register to choose the display to use.