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Price Check

How to price check items and services for clients and employees

The Price Check window is the quickest way to verify costs for different products and services prior to sale. This is also a great tool to check how much a product or service will cost when clients have membership discounts or if an employee decides to get a service done in-house. 

In order to properly use this feature for employees, you must set up employee pricing. 

How to Price Check Products and Services

Click on Price Check under the Inventory dropdown. 

price check dropdown

The Price Check window will popup on your screen:

price check

✔️General Price Check

If you only want to check the general price of a product or service, you can search the service by typing it in the Item field or selecting the dropdown. You can also view product prices and quantity on hand (including for multiple locations if applicable).

Toggle the Item ID button to scan a product's barcode to find the item.

✔️ Client and Employee Specific Price Check

If a client wants to know the cost of a product or service, select their name from the dropdown and search for the item or service they requested. 

Although optional, the reason why you may want to include your client's name when looking up a product or service is to make sure you get the correct price-point for membership discounts.

In the example below, the lipstick product is $30. However, when selecting a client with a specific membership, the item price drops to $25.50.

If a Client would like to know the price of a certain employee's services (if you use price levels), also select an Employee from the dropdown to get a more accurate cost. 

✔️ Price Checking Employee Discounts

To enable employee discounts, you must create corresponding client profiles for your staff and set up employee prices for your products and services. 

To look up employee prices, just select the employee's client profile in the Client field and click lookup. 

If an employee has a price override, their service prices will not change.