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Reopen Closed Drawers

Learn how to reopen a closed drawer

You can reopen closed drawers for editing. Mistakes happen but with this option, you can go back in and make corrections!

Be sure to have the Force a single drawer to be used for all employees (only 1 drawer open at a time) setting OFF and unchecked 🔲 in Company Settings in order to edit a closed drawer. 

Company Settings > Sales Register Options > General Options > Drawer


company settings POS drawer

If order to reopened a closed drawer, you will need to make sure your settings allow your employees to have multiple drawers open. 

Sales > Sales Register > Z-out > View Drawers > Closed Drawers 

Step 1

Select Z-Out button from the Sales Register.

z out button-1

Step 2

The Z-Out drawer popup will come up. Select the View Drawers button.

view drawers

Step 3

Another popup will come up and you can select which tab to find the drawer you want to reopen. Select the Closed Drawers tab.

closed drawers

Step 4

Once you select the Closed Drawers tab, find the drawer you are looking to reopen. Select the icon shown below to reopen the drawer.

reopen drawer