Retrieving the Activation Code for an ISMP4 Device

How to get your ISMP4 connected to your wifi

Envision is the team that will help you enter your Express Credentials and Activation Code once you have that on your ISMP4. Below are the directions on how to get your ISMP4 connected to your wifi:

  1. Power up the device. (Top button on right side of the unit)
  2. Once the device has booted up and displays “This Lane Closed,” press the “F” key 4 times fast.
  3. The "Communication Settings" screen will appear. Press “F4” for “Access Points”.
  4. The "Configured Access Points" screen will appear. Press “F1” for “New”.
  5. The device will search for WIFI Networks.
  6. The "Access Points Found" screen will appear. Highlight the network you want to connect to. Use “F2” or “F3” keys to move up and down.
  7. Press “Green” key once you have your WIFI selected.
  8. “Select Security” screen will appear.
  9. “WPA/WPA2” should be highlighted automatically, press “Green” key.
  10. "Enter Password" screen will appear. Enter the password for your WIFI network. (You will input this password using the keypad, similar to text messaging on old flip phones)
  11. Press “Green” key once you have entered the password.
  12. Device will take a few moments, then it should show an “Activation Code”. At this point, it is ready to be paired.

If the device does not connect, the password was not inputted correctly. Go through the instructions and re-input the password.