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EnvisionNow Reputation Review Manager

How to start using the review manager tool

EnvisionNow Reputation Manager is included with EnvisionNow Preferred and Ultimate Editions under the marketing dropdown.


Available as an add-on to Standard Editions by navigating to Manage Account > Signup For Add On services.

Review Management needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy to promote business growth.

Online reviews provide your business with visibility and credibility and help you appear in front of your potential customers on search engines as well as helping them choose you over your competitors.

The Review Manager feature helps you automate the process of improving your reputation all in one area.

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Setup for Reputation Management Account

🔗Link Review Accounts & Business Info

Add Additional Review Accounts

🔔 Set Notifications

Connect Social Media

✏️Edit Content For Review Requests

Setup Branding & Design

💌 Send Automated Review Requests

💬  Manage Reviews

Filter Reviews

Add Manual Reviews

Add Reviews in Bulk

Share Review on Social

Respond to Reviews

🤖 Widgets

📄 Reporting


⭐ Setup your Reputation Management / Review Manager account

Navigate to the Marketing dropdown in your menu and select Manage Reviews.


A popup will appear prompting you to sign up as well as giving you some info on what the feature can do for your business. Click the Setup Your Account Now at the bottom.


EnvisionNow will then verify your login credentials and check to see if you have the appropriate security profile rights to start a Reputation Manager account. Enter the same email and password you use to login into your salon software.

After EnvisionNow verifies your credentials, you will be directed to reviews.envisionnow.com/signin. From now on, when you click Manage Reviews in your Marketing dropdown, you will be led directly to this webpage to manage your reviews. No need to log in.

💌 You will also receive and email after you validate your login credentials stating our customer success team will reach out soon to help make the learning process smoother. 


🔗Linking Your Review Accounts & Business Info

The second step you will want to complete is to link all of the review sites to Review Manager. This will allow you to manage ALL of your reviews in the same spot! You can link reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp and over 100+ industry specific review sites.

Lets start with connecting your business location!

After you click Connect Location you will be guided through steps to complete your location connection. 

You can choose to manually connect by searching your business in the google search bar or you can connect your Facebook if you have a business page with all your business info included already.

When you have chosen a location, click Next and you will be led to step two, which will be linking your review accounts!

Google automatically searches for major review sites that you might have.

 Simply check the little box next to the review site you would like to add and click Next

This processes might take up to 5-10 minutes to complete depending on how many sites you are connecting

After Review Manager has added the review sites, you will be directed to add your logo in the next step.

This logo will be able to be seen by your customers who receive your requests for review. Make sure the logo is NOT white since the background will be white. You want your logo to be viewable. If your logo is white, consider adding a colored background and then uploading it into Review Manager.

The next step will let you know that your account is ready to go!


➕ Add Additional Listings

Important: In order to add/link review sites to your Review Manager you must already have them set up. For example, you need to set up a Google Business Review site before adding Google Reviews to Review Manager.

Do you want to add another listing you have? No problem! Simply click the + Add Listing button located in the Funnel menu.

After you click the add listing button a popup will appear where you can select the review site you want to link. You can link reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp and over 100+ industry specific review sites.

Once you have selected a review site to add a popup will appear prompting you for information. below is an example of adding Fourquare Reviews.

You can also view and add more linked accounts in the Links menu on the left.


🔔Set your Notifications

The first thing you will want to do is make sure you email is inserted into Review Manager. You can find this area in the Funnel menu:

Simply fill in the email you would like to have notifications sent to and click the + Add button.

You can then set what notifications you would like to receive by clicking My Reviews in the left menu and then going to the Settings tab at the top:

From there you can choose to receive an email when your business receives less than a 5, 4, 3, or 2 star review. You can also choose to receive an email for any review or to not receive any email alerts.

Connect your Social Media

Connect your social media so your review requests show them at the bottom so that clients may be able to like or follow you on social media! You can find this area in the Funnel menu at the very bottom.


✏️Edit Content For Review Requests

Within the funnel section you are able to edit content on your review requests before they get sent out. There are several important pieces of information that you should insert, make sure to look over and double check the content before starting a campaign.

Private Feedback

If you would like to have an option other than leaving a public review, you can add this option to your requests!

✏️Setup Branding and Design

This is where you can make sure your colors are on brand as well as making sure your business name and shortname are correct and what you want to show on your review requests.

If you don't see the stars, make sure to click the Change button under where you see BIG BUTTONS. This option will give you the stars options.

💌 Send Automated Review Requests

After you have edited your review request you can now edit and send them via email or SMS through your salon software. Sending SMS requires SMS setup.

Click the Marketing drop down and select Automated Marketing. Then click the tab labeled Review Requests. You will ONLY see this tab if you have signed up for Review Manager.

Here you will find all your options to send your review requests you made in the Review Manager tool. Learn More about your review requests options here.

When you have finished setting up your review option, you then can style your Review Request email and/or SMS:

We have created and placed a template in the email builder. The review link is already inserted into the button.

If you chose to create or use another template make sure to include your review link which can be found as a merge field:

You can do this by adding text to your email then clicking on Merge Tags.


💬 Manage Reviews in One Spot

After you have set up all your business info as well as linking all your review account you are ready to start managing all your reviews. 

Click My Reviews in the menu on the left.

1. All Reviews, Customer Feedback, Review Stream and Settings

All Reviews

Dashboard where you can view all your different reviews from all of the review sites you have linked.

Customer Feedback

These are reviews from the private feedback option. 

Review Stream

This area lists out your reviews for customers to see. You can embed your review stream in your website using the embed code provided.


Area where you can modify email alerts, stream defaults and social media options.

2. Add a manual review

Do you want to add in a quick review from a client? It's easy to fill in the details.

3. Upload Reviews in Bulk

If you have many reviews that you need to import and it would take you too long to manually add each one, we've got a solution for you. just simply click the bulk upload button and import all your reviews via CSV or XLSX. Click the See Sample link to download an example of what the file should look like to upload correctly.

4. Search for Reviews

By typing in this search field you can find what you are looking for much quicker. You can search names or text from the review. 

5. What Review Site the Review is from image-png-Jul-12-2022-03-37-37-89-PM

Here you can find what review site the review was made on.

6. Share

Click the share button to quickly share this review on your social media! You must first connect your social media accounts in order to use this feature.

7. Respond

You can respond to each review by clicking the respond button. You also have the option to set a status of your response by clicking the SET STATUS button below the respond button. 

You can set it to "Attention", "Responded", or "Resolved".




Our Review Manager allows you to insert your review code into your website with the Digital widget, print paper review requests with the Print widget, and allow clients or staff to add recipients for email and text campaigns with the Client & Staff Forms widget.

Digital: Insert the Embed code into your site to show the request for a review. If you just want the review us button on your website, you can add the review us embed code. Please note: the embed code below reflects multi-locations.

You can also add a request for review in your email signatures, simply click Copy to Clipboard and paste that into your email signature in your email provider.

You are also able to capture reviews using the QR code, shown below.


Print: This widget allows you to download and print a paper request for a review.

Client & Staff Forms: This widget has two sections. The review request form and the opt-in form.

The Review Request Form allows clients or staff to add recipients for email and text campaigns. This shareable form is a simple password-protected page for adding recipients one-by-one or in bulk.

Client & Staff Forms Widget

The Opt-in Form allows customers to sign themselves up on location. Here's a customer-facing opt-in form for initiating review campaigns:




There are three types of reports available; Analytics, Generated Reports, and Schedules Reports.

Analytics Report:

This report puts in all in perspective for you! With all this data compiled into quick to read infographics you can tell exactly where your business stands in terms of reviews.

Profile Overview:


Campaigns and Funnel: After you have used the Review Manager for a bit, you will start to collect data from your review campaigns here!


Generated Reports:

These are all the reports that you have created to help you best analyze your review data. To create a report, simply click the New Generated Report button in the top right.

Scheduled Reports:

Here you can schedule reports to go out to a number of recipients so you can stay on track with how your reviews are collecting without having to check in all the time.