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Standing Appointments

Learn what Standing Appointments are, when to use them, and how to create them

When a client comes in every other week for a manicure, or every 6 weeks for a haircut, setting a Standing Appointment will tell the program to automatically schedule a repeating service for this Client. All you have to do is select the option once and the program will schedule every other appointment for you. You can also remove the standing appointment series which removes all future appointments in that series.

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Add a Standing Appointment

✏️ Edit Standing Appointments

Delete Standing Appointments

👨‍💻 Manage Standing Appointments

➕Add a Standing Appointment

Right-click over an appointment and select to Manage Standing or click the option Manage Standing Appointments from the left hand side of the Appointment Calendar and add your new standing appointment from there.

manage standingmanage standing appts

The following window will appear:

add standing appt

Fill out the desired options and select Create Standing.standing appt details

A window will appear confirming your occurrences. Each appointment in the series will have an icon next to it on the calendar that indicates the booking as a Standing Appointment:

standing appt example

If dates fail to book when creating a standing appointment, Envision Cloud will alert you with a popup window.

Standing appointments usually fail to book when a slot is full, an employee is not scheduled to work, or the business is closed. 

failed standing appt

✏️ Edit Standing Appointments

You can change a single appointment in a series without impacting the other Standing Appointments. Just change the appointment as you would normally for any individual service (like dragging and dropping on the schedule). 

Block times may also be entered as Standing, creating repeating times that employees are unavailable for booking, like lunches or regular absences.

Right-click over a block time and select Manage Standing.manage standing appt-1

The following window will appear: 

edit standing appt

Edit the details of the standing appointment as needed and click Save Changes.

❌ Delete Standing Appointments

To delete a standing appointment series, go to the Manage Standing Appointments in the menu on the left of the schedule:manage standing

Click on one of the Standing Appointments in the series, then choose Remove Selected. A popup will ask you if you are sure you would like to remove all future appointments. 

standing appt remove

👨‍💻Manage Standing Appointments 

The Manage Standing Appointments screen is available in the Ultimate edition of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or sales@ennoview.com.

The Manage Standing Appointments menu shows you all current Standing Appointment settings for your Clients, and enables you to easily add, edit, or cancel any Standing Appointment series.

Past Standing Appointments will not appear on this menu.

manage standing appointments

You can view all remaining appointments in a Client's Standing Appointment series by clicking the magnifying glass icon under the View column.

standing appt viewOnce you select the View option for a specific standing appointment, you will see a popup with the list of scheduled appointments.

standing appt scheduled