Text Pet Owner For Pick-Up

How to use the SMS feature for the Paws version of Envision Paws

The Text Owner for Pick-Up option is available with the Paws version of Envision. Two-way SMS text messaging is available as an add-on to EnvisionNow. You can update your account on the Account Management Subscription Page.

The Text Owner For Pick-up option allows your pet grooming salon to message clients when their pet's service(s) have been completed and the pet is ready for pick-up (Paid SMS Required). This gives your client the freedom to do other things while their pet is being serviced.

To send this text: 

Schedule > Appointments > Right-click existing appointment > Text Owner For Pick-up 
pet text owner for pick up

You will then be taken to the Pet Ready for Pick-up screen where you can customize the pick-up message and hit Send. SMS Charges Apply. 

pet ready for pick up

Important Note: The SMS option allows for 150 characters (including spaces).