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Ticket Coupons

How to apply a Ticket Coupon

ticket coupon button

This screen will allow you to apply coupons that have been created to discount an entire ticket.

ticket coupon popup

How to Apply a Ticket Coupon

1. Ring up the products/services that the client is purchasing.

2. Select Ticket Coupons from the Option list on the left of the Sales Register screen.

3. When the screen appears, select a coupon from the drop down, then click Add Coupon.

4. The coupon will appear in the list and be applied. You can choose to remove the coupon by clicking the (-) delete button.

5. Enter a note for the coupon. This is an optional step.

6. Select the Close button.

7. Finish the transaction and collect payment.

 Important: Items can have both a ticket coupon and an item coupon applied.