Treatment Screen - Imaging Tab

How to use the Treatment Screen and Imaging Tab

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Treatment Screen > Imaging 

On the Imaging tab, you can enter points on generic images to track where on the client's face or body that services were performed, like a filler injection.

client imaging tab

Image Selection

The images here are default images loaded by the program. Select which image you wish to input points for. Select Female Face, Male Face, Female Body, or Male Body.

Select Colors and Size of Data Point

Choose a color and size for the point to be entered on the image to the left.


Enter the number of units used for the area before you click to place a point on the image.

Add New Note

Enter a new note or custom message here and click the Add Note button to add the note to the point selected on the image to the left.

Notes for Selected Image Point

Here you can view notes entered for points selected on the image to the left.

Remove Options

Points may be removed from an image by selecting the point, then choosing to either remove the selected point, or choosing to remove all points entered. These buttons (Remove Selected or Remove All) are in the lower left of the treatment screen.