Treatment Screen - Shots/Injections Tab

How to create an injection for a client

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The Shots tab is used to enter the injectable compounds used during a patient's treatment. Individual injections or compounds are entered in the Injection List.

injection on treatment screen-1

💉 Add Injection

Selecting the Add Injection button will open up the injection screen. You are able to add information including:

  • Service provider who performed the injection
  • Injection Date
  • What compound you are injecting (compounds are created in the Injection List)
  • Where you are injecting the patient (injection sites are created in the Injection Site List)
  • The amount and the measuring units.
  • Product lot# 
  • Product expiration date 
  • Note regarding the shot/injection. 

injection popup

🖨️ Print Injections

If you click on Print Injections you are show a report on the selected injections. You may send or print this information.

print injections