Treatment Screen - Vitals Tab

An overview of the vitals tab in the treatment screen

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The vitals tab is essential for tracking your clients' progress and well-being. This tab is used to store important information including height, weight, measurements, blood pressure and more!

treatment vitals


Input the client's height in feet and inches.

Weight and Goal Weight

Include the client's current weight and their total goal weight in lbs.

BF %

Enter their total Body Fat percentage.

+/- Start and +/- L. Visit

Change in start and change in last visit monitors their weight differential since the start of the client's program and their change in weight since their last visit. The + sign resembles weight gain, the - sign signifies weight loss. 

Prev Weight 

Previous Weight keeps track of the client's weight as initially recorded in the Pre-Treatment screen, accessed from your Client's Profile in the Client List.

client record pre-treatment

If the client does not have any previous pre-treatment records, you will not see any information on the Pre-Treatment popup.

pre treatment popup

If the client has previous pre-treatment records, you will see that information in the fields on the Pre-Treatment popup. If you replace the information with the newest data from the active appointment, you can click Save and it will add the new data to the client's record.

pre treatment example

Calculate and BMI

Clicking the Calculate button will automatically calculate the client's BMI (body mass index) using the height and weight you saved to their profile. Once calculated, the program will also automatically categorize the client as Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese I, Obese II, or Obese III next to their BMI calculation.


Enter the total Basal Metabolic Rate, or the number of calories needed to accomplish the body's most basic, life-sustaining functions.


The Total Daily Energy Expenditure field is where you enter the total amount of calories the client burns each day.

Vital Notes

Save any notes related to your Client's vitals in this section.treatment screen vitals-2


Input the client's blood pressure.


Enter the client's pulse.


This is the client's respiration rate.

Last Menstrual

Type in the patient's last menstruation cycle.

treatment screen vitals measure-1


Input waist measurements here.


Input hip measurements.


Input chest/bust measurements.

Right Arm 

Input right arm circumference measurements.

Left Arm 

Input left arm circumference measurements.

Left Thigh

Input left thigh circumference measurements.

Right Thigh

Input right thigh circumference measurements.


Vertical Trunk Circumference is the measurement  taken along the front of the body, around the crotch, and over the back of the body.