Work History

How to edit and access an Employee's Work History

This feature allows you to keep records of your employees' work history. This can be used to keep track of employee evaluations, bonuses, when an employee is late or sick, etc. The Types available come from the Work History Type List.

The Employee Work History list can be reached by clicking on "Employee" on the Menu Bar and selecting "Work History" from the menu.

Employee > Work History

work history list

Add a New Entry

To enter a new work history record, select to add a new entry from the options to the left.

add new work history ex

Employee Id

Select the employee that you are entering work history for.

Work Type

Choose the Work History Type from the drop-down selection box. Types may be added or edited from the Work History Type list.

Work Date & Time

Select the date and time that the work history is for.


Enter your initials if you would like to keep track of who enters employee work history.


Check the "Processed" checkbox if all the paperwork for this work history item has been processed.

Reason & Notes

Enter a reason for the work history or a reason that applies to the type of action and enter any additional notes.